Day 2 – London

One day in London – the last day of summer.

I walked 16km across London this day, from my hotel in Camden, to St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, Borough Market, Tower Bridge and London Tower.

The weather was incredible. It’s been really nice to get a glimpse of summer here – everything is so green. I’m excited to watch the seasons change.

Later that night I headed out to Sebright Arms to watch Laura / Tigercats play. They killed it!

A good day… London has been a great way to ease into things. It feels strangely familiar and I’ve felt almost at home. Home isn’t exactly where I want to be right now though… So I’m glad to be leaving for now, but I’ll be very happy to return in December.

As I type this, I’m on a Eurostar to Brussels to meet Dee & Davey. Then we’re heading to Antwerp!

A few photos from my epic day of walking in London…


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