Day 3 – London/Brussels/Antwerp

Day 3! I hopped on the Eurostar to Brussels, where I met Dee & Davey, who gave me an express tour of the city. The main square was absolutely stunning. They were setting up for some sort of beer festival, so there was scaffolding everywhere, but it was still amazing! We only had an hour until our train to Antwerp, so we grabbed lunch (vol au vent et frittes!) at one of the restaurants on a tourist-y strip… They speak French in Brussels!! Oui! Merci!

And then onto Antwerp… Stunning little city with gothic architecture. Antwerpen Centraal station is ridiculously beautiful. Cathedral of Our Lady (De Katherdraal, built over 170 years – 1352 to 1521) TOWERS over the main square…

It was all going pretty well until we drank too much Belgian beer (at a bar with a Frenchie) on too little sleep and Davey ordered macaroni from a Chinese restaurant. Worst. Dinner. Ever.

Some photos!!




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