Day 4 to 6 – Breda

Redhead Days! The last few days have been all kinds of weird & wonderful. We’re here for the Redhead Days festival… Along with hundreds of other gingers and non-ginger ginger enthusiasts. (Like, the kind who take photos of you like you’re an animal in the zoo… SO weird!)

At times it’s been a little unsettling being on display like that, but there’s also been a whole lot of solidarity amongst the gingers, and we’ve met some great people! We’ve made plans to meet up with a few Australians in Amsterdam, and I made a friend to touch base with in Berlin.

We started the weekend with a home cooked meal at our apartment (see video!) followed by the Redhead Days kickoff party. Saturday was all about exploring the town / drinking wine in the park, followed by the offical Redhead Days pub crawl… Not many photos from that, eep! Sunday was a little more civilised – we joined the hundreds (maybe thousands??) of gingers for the official group photo, went to a few lectures about the history of redheads, and climbed the Breda church tower!

We’re staying in tonight to plan out a few more travel details, and we’re off to Amsterdam in the morning. (On Davey’s birthday!)





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