Day 7 – Breda/Amsterdam

One week in!

This day was a little tough…

It started beautifully with one final walk through Breda. I really fell in love with that little town. So much charm!

We jumped on a train to Amsterdam and arrived within an hour. We’re staying in separate hotels, but got in a cab together to do a round trip… We were totally ripped off by the driver, which sucks. 40 euros to travel 6km. Daaaaamn!

I couldn’t check into my hotel yet, but I dropped my suitcase and went and sat beside the IAMSTERDAM sign at the Rijksmuseum. The weather was amazing and there were dogs playing fetch in the fountain. It was all round lovely.

I checked into my hotel without any issues, and decided I should probably get some work done. I still had an album to design from the last wedding I shot in Australia. I had been putting it off for days and it had been weighing on me big time! So I settled in and got to work… Next thing I know, it’s 6pm and I realise I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast in Breda that morning… And I was HANGRY! Like, raging hangry. I think it was a combination of being famished and trying desperately to stay focused on work while just wanting to go out and explore a new city…

Anyway, I met Dee & Davey for dinner at 7, and I’m very sorry to say Davey bore the brunt of my hangriness. Sorry dude… šŸ˜¦

The night ended at a coffee shop (yes dad, a “marijuana cafe”). Dee and I ended up in fits of giggles and we were in bed by 11.

A real mixed bag of a day… But I’m excited to be finished with the bulk of my leftover work, and to explore this city!


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