Day 11 – Amsterdam

Another museum day. Wandering through museums and galleries is one of my all time favourite things to do, but it always leaves me feeling so drained!

After a lunch of bitterballen & Grolsch with a guy from NZ who I met along the way (Tyler, 19, thought I was 20 – ha!), I made my way to the Van Gogh museum. What a brilliant museum. It tells the story of his tragic life really beautifully.

Then it was onto the Stedelijk… And as luck would have it, I arrived in the middle of a show opening!! The entrance hall was buzzing. DJ, drinks flowing, fabulous Dutch people… I was looking terribly bedraggled, but grabbed a drink anyway and tried as best I could to blend into the crowd. I went along to the auditorium to hear one of the artists (Frenchman Mohamed Bourouissa) being interviewed about his work. I was SO tired by this point, but just couldn’t drag myself away.

The Stedelijk was absolutely gorgeous. I loved the Dream Loud exhibition currently on show – a collection of work from young artists focusing on social design. There was a huge focus on sustainability, which was really cool.

It was 8.30pm and the sun was setting when I eventually stepped oustide. So lovely to wander along the canals at twilight. I grabbed a quick dinner from Stach and dragged my tired, happy feet home. Such a great day.


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