Day 13 – Amsterdam/Edinburgh

I was a little nervous about today. The first transit day that wasn’t just by train… I slept terribly last night and was up before the sun to head to Schiphol airport. The early rise really wasn’t necessary, but I’m a gigantic loser who loves to be early – so I enjoyed some downtime at the airport, patting myself on the back for having made it this far.

And then I flew to Edinburgh!

It was so surreal seeing the castle lurking over the city as my tram ran down Princes St. What a stunning town.

I was greeted at my B&B by a lovely German lady who said “wee” a lot. This place is very charming. I’m on the third floor up a spiral staircase, and my window overlooks a lovely green yard with its very own greyhound (cue tears).

I took a stroll through Old Town this afternoon to get my bearings, saw many many gingers, and even heard a man say, “fookin’ ‘ell”! The Riding of the Marches was happening (had to google it when I got back…) so there were people everywhere!

Now I’m settling into the Scotland life with a cup of tea and some Camera Obscura. (The band, not the weird museum.)



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