Day 15 – Edinburgh

Ok, I totally get the Edinburgh thing now.

I had no solid plan for today. After a quick google search, I discovered that my B&B was right around the corner from one of Scotland’s best bakeries – Cuckoo’s. So my day started with one of their award winning raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes. WOAH it was good.

And so I started walking… I’d heard an area called Dean Village was quite picturesque, so I headed in that direction. When I arrived, it was like stepping into another world. Narrow streets with stone houses and a stream running right through… I wandered down one of the streets that ran along the stream, and ended up on the most magical moss-covered pathway. I had absolutely no idea where I was or where I was heading, but it was so beautiful I didn’t even mind.

I ended up in Stockbridge. So this is where they keep all the good stuff! While I was sifting through a rack of beautiful clothes I couldn’t afford in a little store on Raeburn Place, I heard the owners talking about Saint Stephen Road. I’d read about this place! Good vintage shopping apparently… I looked it up, and it was right around the corner.

On Saint Stephen Road, I walked into Miss Bizio Couture (a little vintage store) and started chatting with the owner. I told her I was in search of the not-so-touristy Edinburgh. She said I was in the right place, and recommended I head to Ting Thai Caravan for dinner, and to check out Grassmarket while I was in the area.

So I did just that! I headed to Grassmarket, and spent some time strolling through the lovely streets and stores nestled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. So much good stuff! In one store, Pi-Ku Collective, I really loved the music they were playing. I asked the guy behind the counter what he was listening to, and he told me it was King Creosote, a singer-songwriter from Fife. I’m listening right now!

By this time I was starving and my legs were aching. So I grabbed a table at Ting Thai Caravan and had THE most delicious curry for only 6.20! Thanks for the recommendation, Miss Bizio!

I grabbed an ice cream from Mary’s Milk Bar for the walk home, to top off a seriously top notch day.

Tomorrow morning I pick up a hire car and head to the highlands!!



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