Day 23 to 24 – Glasgow (Highlands comedown)

Hello from Glasgow! I arrived here yesterday, and I gotta say, I’m in a serious post-Highlands slump.

I actually felt a sense of dread driving back into the city after a week in the pristine Highlands… I would be happy to see out the rest of my days in a whitewashed stone house nestled into the cliffs on the Isle of Skye.

But enough of that! Tomorrow it’s on to Dublin for the moment all our fans have been waiting for… LOVESQUINTS REUNION!

I’ll wrap up my time here by sharing the rest of my Highlands photos. Scotland, you have my heart forever.


One thought on “Day 23 to 24 – Glasgow (Highlands comedown)

  1. I’m speechless, Jess. These photos are beautiful – that tea house! I’m drinking tea right now and wishing I was there. I can see why Skye stole your heart – and you do have all the “To live on Skye” attributes! 😊😘


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