Day 29 to 30 – Bushmills / Londonderry / Galway

Northern Ireland… If I had visited before Scotland, I think this place would have had a bigger impact. Having said that, the dramatic coastline was indeed enchanting, the Giant’s Causeway was incredible, and the Walled City of Londonderry was fascinating.

I didn’t actually have anything booked for this week – I was always just going to wing it. And I think I did pretty damn well! I managed to cover quite a bit of ground, driving the Causeway Coastal Route from Belfast to Bushmills to Londonderry and then onto Galway, where I met with Dee & Davey for one final dinner date before we part ways for the last time! Considering I knew next to nothing about Northern Ireland a week ago, I’m pretty pleased!

The one big thing I struggled with this week was just how tired I was! I think one month of non-stop travel caught up with me. Yesterday was a struggle… But I reverted to my nanna ways last night and was in bed by 7. Ha!

I’m leaving the countryside behind tomorrow, and FLYING TO PARIS! I’m oh so ready and very excited for this next stage of the trip…

But first, some photos to wrap up my time in Ireland…

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