Day 39 to 45 – Berlin

Week one in Berlin… This city is as strange and cool as I’d hoped it would be. I’ve walked under the Brandenburg Gate and crossed the River Spree to Museumsinsel, but it was the unexpected say-yes-and-see-what-happens moments that made this week so gosh darn great. (Largely thanks to my new friend Aric, a ridiculously impressive human being who was generous enough to show me exactly the Berlin I wanted to see. Thank you, Aric. And thank you for the introduction, Erin W!)

Here’s a quick recap… It started at Roamers with the best flat white I’ve had in Europe, followed by haggis mac & cheese at a Scottish bar in Neukölln, a dinner party with Azerbaijani political fugitives (seriously), drinks served by a German Trump supporter, a day trip to Dessau to visit the Bauhaus School, a guided tour by artist Nicky Broekhuysen of her exhibit at the Bumiller Collection, a little loitering at Bauhaus Archive, a stroll through Tiergarten to a 1920s cafe that was once a Nazi casino, a step back in time for a drink at this little gem, another gallery visit to watch a confronting performance piece by Elana Katz, a little work, a lot of coffee, even more wine and some delicious snacks.

A+ week, would do again.




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