Day 50 to 53 – Berlin

Ok, real talk. Berlin and I haven’t exactly clicked like I thought we would. And I can’t quite figure out why. I find this city hard to describe, and often difficult to grasp. It’s a gritty place with a complicated history, and I’ve found it challenging and inspiring all at once…

There have been days here when I’ve felt a little overwhelmed and completely lost! Maybe I’ve been overthinking it, as I often do… I haven’t been able to relax here. There hasn’t been a single day when I’ve doing nothing, and yet I feel like I haven’t done anything at all… It’s a strange feeling.

I have three full days left in Berlin, and I’ve decided to quit the overanalysing, and pare things back. I’m going to stick to what I know this city does well. Food and art. How could I possibly be disappointed?

And of course, some photos… There are always photos.


2 thoughts on “Day 50 to 53 – Berlin

  1. It’s funny how a city can do that to you ins’t it? For me it was Rome. Just couldn’t get to its heart. Maybe at a different time in life it would be better. Berlin will always be there – maybe next time? xx


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