Day 54 to 56 – Berlin

Berlin, it’s been real. But it’s time for me to leave.

I’ve enjoyed this place, I have. It’s easy to understand why people (artists especially) seem to flock here in droves. There’s an undeniable creative energy in this city, and an attitude that’s almost intimidatingly “cool”. I love that I’ve had a lot of work to get through here. (Editing your wedding, Annabel!) It’s been the perfect excuse to just sit in a cafe with my laptop, along with all the other locals and expats, and actually feel like I’m a part of it.

Having said all of that, and while I don’t regret for a second any of my days here, I know Berlin isn’t the city for me. I’ve enjoyed every challenging, inspiring minute of it, but the hopeless romantic in me is just desperate to get to Paris.

And so that’s where I’m headed, by way of Ghent. My goodness. This is going to be good.

PS: For anyone interested, this is where I stayed in Berlin! The vacation rental situation is a little fickle here, but I had no troubles with this apartment. Great location, great hosts… Weird shower, slow internet… But if you can deal with those things, I highly recommend!

PPS: Unexpectedly the best thing about Berlin for me was the food! I ate at some seriously good places:

Bao Burger at District Mot
Any kind of burger at Shiso
Everything at Roamers (I had the black beans!)
Strudel at Cafe Einstein
Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun (Cheesus! Also there’s a great savoury waffle stand!)

And for just an all round excellent vibe, head to…
Kaffeebar (run by a friend from QCA – Australian, so it’s safe to order a flat white)
House of Small Wonder (although the eggs I had were BAD!)



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