Day 93 to 99 – Paris

My days in Paris are quickly coming to an end, and I can’t tell you just how miserable that makes me!

It feels right, being here. Not in a way that I feel complacent or settled, but in a way that inspires me to keep walking, watching… I don’t think any amount of time here would ever be enough.

Also, side note, I thought for sure I’d be really fat at the end of six weeks in Paris… By some miracle, I’m not. Ha! So I’ve decided to try my luck a second time. I’ve booked another month here to finish off my trip – 15 January to 15 February! After that I think I’ll be ready to fly back to Australia… Maybe… We’ll see… Not that I have a choice, really. (Work!)

On Saturday I catch a train to Carlisle, where I’ll spend some time with family before heading to London! Still no plans between Christmas and 15 January… I’m thinking maybe Budapest… Prague…?? Any tips, anyone??

The funds are starting to run low (not gonna lie, I’ve been a little frivolous lately, because #Paris), so things should get interesting… At least the wine here is cheap!!!

And of course, photos… Paris, you’re a dream.




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