Day 104 to 108 – Carlisle

From Paris I traveled to Carlisle… It was an epic change of pace and scenery, and so wonderful to reconnect with family after being away from home for so long.

I stepped off the train and was greeted by Uncle Jim and Aunty Lynda. Jim thought I was the spitting image of my mum, walking along the platform, and tears flowed. Amazing how you can make such an instant connection with someone you’ve just met… Family!

When we got to Jim’s place, I was greeted by even more family. Jim’s partner Ann, his daughter Diane, her husband Andy and their two kids Freddie and Joel… The kids are hilarious, and we managed to get ourselves told off by the other residents after making too much noise chasing each other along the hallways. (Side note – apparently the lady who told us off said, “That teenage girl should know better.” HA!! Thanks lady.)

Over the next four days, Jim and Lynda showed me all around Carlisle and the Lakes District. It really was lovely.

Staying at Jim’s was great – I met the best cast of characters, who had incredible stories to share.

I really hope to visit again soon!


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