Day 109 to 116 – London

London has been all about eating, drinking and general merriment with a whole lot of excellent people. Here’s how the first week went down…

I was greeted with open arms at Sonya, Brad & Hannah’s place, joining Katie & Magnus on the living room floor… I spent my first full day working from Timberyard, where I got chatting to a guy who owns a footwear company. We agreed it would be fun to shoot together the next day, so we made plans, and I went home to a living room dance party that lasted until the early morning, with all the Paul Kelly, Daryl Braithwaite and John Farnham any Australian could hope for. I dragged my still drunk, sorry self to the shoot the next morning, had a great time, felt a little better, met Laura at Broadway Market for grilled cheese, before heading out to Hackney for her record label’s Christmas covers party. We drank and danced until the early hours of the morning. I explored Islington the next day, wandering along Upper Street, before heading out with an even bigger group of Brisbane expats for dinner (Sonya, Brad, Hannah, Katie, Magnus, Katie, Mark!). The next day was Camden Passage, Carnaby Street, Portobello Road and a home cooked meal by Sonya. The day after that was a long lunch at Granary Square. The day after that was a farewell to Katie & Magnus, a long walk through town to the Museum of Natural History, some laps around the ice rink and a few mulled wines with Team Brisbane. The day after that was a guided tour of London’s cafes, bars & laneways with old QCA friend Leanne. The day after that was a farewell to Hannah, bound for Norway, followed by Christmas prep with Sonya & Brad, a bake-off, a train out to Clapham to visit Katie & Mark, and a dinner in their new neighbourhood. The day after THAT was feastivus… More on that soon.

London, I’m exhausted, but you’re alright.


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