Day 117 to 123 – London

Christmas in London!

It started with what I have no doubt will become a yearly tradition – Feastivus! (Formerly known as Christmas Eve.)

Sonya, Brad & I ventured out to Carnaby Street from an Indian brunch at Dishoom (so good!), before taking in the sights of London. Buckingham Palace, Big (medium) Ben, Trafalgar Square!

We spent the afternoon doing what we do best – feasting – and bingeing on Christmas movies.

The feasting continued on Christmas Day. We started with a bike ride through the empty streets of London (felt like we had the whole city to ourselves!), a quick visit to St Paul’s (and caught a song from the choir as part of the Christmas service – incredible!). After we’d cycled off a little of the previous day’s feasting, we made our way to Christmas Lunch at The Narrowboat.

Christmas afternoon was pretty much just us struggling through our food comas on the couch – ha!

The days following I hibernated a little, walked the streets a little, wandered through Victoria & Albert, wined and dined a little more… (Dining highlight was Shawarma Bar at Exmouth Market!)

And on New Years Eve I left London for a little solo adventure in Austria…

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