Day 124 to 126 – Hallstatt

I saw out the year in Austria…

I didn’t lock in my new year plans until about one week out. All I knew was that I wanted to be somewhere breathtaking, somewhere remote, and on my own. It seemed the best way to see out this year of solo adventuring.

Scrolling through Instagram one foggy day in London, I stopped and gawked at an image of Hallstatt, Austria. I was sold. That was my new year plan.

So with the blessing of two new wedding bookings in the week before Christmas, I booked it in.

I left Sonya, Brad & Hannah’s London flat at 4.00am at on New Year’s Eve and flew to Salzburg. From Salzburg Airport I took a bus to the town centre, another bus to Bad Ischl, and then a train to Hallstatt. From Hallstatt train station, I took a ferry across the lake to the little town, a World Heritage listed site with its 16th century houses nestled into the cliffs.

It really did take my breath away.

Close to midnight, I climbed some stairs to a high point on the hill, overlooking the lake and town square, and watched the fireworks as the town marching band rang in 2017. It was absolutely perfect.

2017 started beautifully, with some exploring through the little town, and a hike up the mountain until the ground become too icy to climb any further.

And the next day I left on a train bound for Budapest…

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