Day 127 to 138 – Budapest

Budapest!! My time in this art nouveau winter wonderland was pretty freaking dreamy.

I spent almost two weeks in Budapest, and I’m glad I dedicated so much time to it. For a number of reasons…

  1. It’s real cheap. Like, crazy cheap. My apartment was basically a palace and cost me less than $450 for 13 nights.
  2. It was cold. Real cold. Like, it hurt to be outside it was so cold. Which meant I could really only manage to be outside for short periods of time, slowing down my sightseeing game drastically.
  3. It’s just a really, really beautiful city.

Highlights of Budapest include long days soaking in the warmth of the thermal baths, walks through the snow to buy langos from the Great Market Hall, stopping halfway across Liberty Bridge to watch giant slices of ice float down the Danube, one particularly wild night with an Australian and a Hungarian which I might tell you more about over a bottle of wine one day, climbing the stairs to the Fisherman’s Bastion, walking the halls of the Hungarian Parliament… The architecture in this city is out of this world amazing.

I’m so so glad I traveled east to visit this little slice of Europe.

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